Catching Up WIth… BioShock 2 (and the Electra Complex)



A few weeks ago I made my return to Rapture, the underwater dystopia of the BioShock series. This time around 2K Games throws the player into the suit of a Big Daddy, the groaning golems of the deep. BioShock 2 explores the plight of a lone Big Daddy called Subject Delta, and in doing so recreates the feel of an old myth accompanied by a psychosexual dynamic perhaps not intended by the developers. Continue reading


Catching Up With: BioShock (The First One)


The Good Ol’ Bargain Bin

I have some catching up to do. A lot of it. When Steam was first recommended to me one of the first things I did was browse for older titles I never had a chance to play. Well now I know that G.O.G. is a better source for that, but that’s besides the point. With limited funds and a thirst to experience as many games as possible, the Steam sales have enabled a bloke like myself to stay at least relatively up to date with what’s been coming out over the past few years. This however has lead to my first world problem: I have too many games I haven’t finished yet. Continue reading